i'm a software engineer who is thrilled to create awesome digital experiences.

i've done a lot of things ranging from rapid prototyping to agile project management to designing entire apps to ship products with continuous integration to blogging and rocking great music as a dj (rip wohlwill).

i'm currently hacking as a software engineer at facebook. previously i've worked at audi ag, coded at prosiebensat.1 digital gmbh, researched at fraunhofer institute for software and system technology and sold products at apple retail.

i've founded pfiff & weg - a social system to keep cities clean - and designprof - a bundle of apps that helps people designing their business papers. furthermore i'm working on protium - a mobile first software architecture - and power of emojis - a bundle of apps that simplifies ui with emojis.

feel free to say hi, fork my code, share my news and like my photos.